Depression currently affects 19 million Americans and impacts the lives of millions of families.  Children whose parents suffer from depression are 2 to 3 times more likely to develop depression.  Fortunately, a growing body of research suggests that the adverse affects of parental depression may be reduced or prevented. 

Throughout Raising Healthy Children study project, our goal is to prevent children from becoming depressed or developing other mental health problems.  Our program has statistically proven to reduce the affects of depression on children with parents who suffer from major depressive disorder.

The Raising Healthy Children Program helps parents and families dealing with the significant stress of depression. The program helps families to reverse how depression can hurt a family- it reduces the negative effects on the children from a parent’s depression. The program helps a family manage stress much better. Our program helps parents to parent better and teaches children how to cope better to specific stresses. It has been shown to markedly reduce the high risk for depression in the children. It may prevent depression, anxiety and all behavioral problems in your children.

Raising Healthy Children is a clinical program to reduce and prevent Depression. We offer a program for families to prevent Depression and all psychiatric conditions in families with high risk for these conditions. Our family program has been scientifically shown to reduce depressive symptoms in both parents and children, and actually reduces the chance that children will get depressed or suffer any other psychiatric or behavioral condition. Families meet for 8 weekly sessions and then for four more booster sessions with other families. Children are taught specific skills of how to handle stress better including stresses they can and that they cannot change. Parents learn to improve their parenting skills. This includes getting better at providing both the structure and caring that children need. Parents learn these skills even if their own depression makes it harder for them to parent.


Parents and children practice these new skills together helping each family to handle challenges and become healthier and happier. Families find this program extremely supportive and helpful. This is not a substitute for standard treatment for depression (counseling and or medication). This is in addition to other needed treatments to further reduce any depression and remaining symptoms, and to prevent children from developing depression or other behavioral problems as they grow up. It goes a long way at stopping the continuation of depression across generations.