Gary Keller, M.D.

Medical Director, co-founder and co-Principal Investigator NIMH grant research of the Raising Healthy Children Program. Psychiatrist in private practice and Clinical Assistant and Ass’t Research Professor at the University of Vermont and consultant to numerous programs in Vermont from 1985 to the present, including Networks, Inc., Evergreen Family Health, Vermont Catholic Charities, Azimuth Counseling. Involved in all aspects of the research and development o the Raising Healthy Children Program primary prevention intervention in coordination with Vanderbilt University, and now with dissemination as a clinical program.


Phone: 802 865-3450 x 411

Mary Jane Merchant

Clinical Coordinator and group leader and trainer of the Raising Healthy Children Program. Instrumental in all aspects of development of this research and now clinical program, from curriculum development to facilitation of all groups and now Clinical Coordinator responsible for offering  the Raising Healthy Children Program statewide.


Laurie Navilla-Miller

Laurie understands the impact depression can have on the entire family. She is excited to work with your children to teach them valuable coping skills as part of this scientifically-proven program aimed at preventing depression and anxiety. Laurie has experience counseling children aged five to 17 years, both in area schools and in private practice. Laurie holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.



Diane Gotlieb, Ph.D., M.S.W

Co-Founder of Raising Healthy Children, responsible for original program development, and Founder and long-term member of Networks, Inc., a private practice in Burlington, VT. and Vermont Family Therapy

Past participants in the research and development of Raising Healthy Children and present collaborators:

Bruce Compas, Ph.D.

Principle Investigator of The Raising Healthy Children Program, recipient of the NIMH grant research, University of Vermont Co-Investigator research coordinated between Vanderbilt University and the University of Vermont. More recently Principal Investigator at Vanderbilt University, and continuing to do research of this program coordinated with  the University of San Diego. Recipient of Endowed Chair at Vanderbilt University, authored hundreds of articles on stress and effects of maternal depression on children.

Rex Forehand, Ph. D.

Co-Principle Investigator of The Raising Healthy Children Program, recipient of the NIMH grant research, University of Vermont. Recipient of national award from the American Psychological Association and author of books and hundreds or peer-reviewed articles, and nationally recognized expert on parenting.

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Mary Ellen Copeland, M.A.

Original co-founder and co-investigator of Raising Healthy Children Program. International presenter and author inspirational on helping persons better manage mental illness.